Wabi Sabi, Rancho Cucamonga CA

Naka has a great sense of humor, so sit at the sushi bar. They give you free edamame.

Sashimi cuts are pretty good and fresh.  Salmon and white tuna sashimi melts in your mouth!

As for the rolls…Salmon skin roll has little rice and doesn’t have that overpowering fishy taste. One of my favorite is¬†Wabi Sabi roll, which is wrapped in cucumber and has tuna, salmon, crab meat and avocado. It is light and refreshing, delicious dipped in special sesame sauce.

Stuffed tomatoes just like how it sounds get you stuffed up even with just one piece. Yum. Caviar!

Ask Naka for items not on the menu, such as this: broiled white fish; tuna, masago, bean sprouts wrapped in cucumber and tempura asparagus.

At the end of the meal, enjoy a “fruit sashimi” from the sushi chefs who will let their imaginations go wild.


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