The Northern Lights

The northern polar lights are sometimes visible in the sky in the arctic islands of northern Canada.

Fortunately, on our long evening flight to Edmonton, Canada, I was mesmerized at the view of pastel yellowish-white lights illuminating from the skies for the very first time. It looked like a huge fog, dancing of the ghostly spirits.

Then in the latitudes between 65 to 72 degrees north, I encountered these mysterious lights for the second time, only this time, it had a greenish glow and visible from a different continent… in the Arctic Circle of Europe, 17 hours north on an overnight train ride from Stockholm, Sweden.

I wonder what the southern lights would look like in Antarctica and in the other planets.  What do astronomers say about these mysterious colorful lights? And the mechanisms involved?

The universe is a strange and fascinating place.


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    Thank you for sharing your travels with us. You would definitely be an asset to anyone looking to travel abroad!


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