Slush slush slush in Utah

3 of my crew decided to rent a car and go on a hiking adventure near Brighton Ski Resort from our hotel in Salt Lake City. By the way, is it really mid May? Because there were tons of snow left still in the mountains and we were not prepared to hike on snow with our slippery shoes. I must say that it was an adventure though. We stopped at Silver Lake which was completely covered with snow so there was no walkway to follow.  5 min in of guessing every step, hoping and praying that we won’t fall in the lake, we almost gave up.  Then we saw a dad with a 2 year old in the middle of it all and carried through with courage to attempt our walk around the lake. Or in it!

After slipping, sliding, falling in 2 ft of sludge with the lake beneath us, we became experts and went from tiptoeing in the snow to expert snow walkers!

I was posing then whoa!  That was a close call!

I gotta say it was refreshing to be outdoors, enjoy nature, and go out and do stuff!


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