Ma Dang Gol (Korean restaurant), Inland Empire CA

I would have never imagined that there would be a good Korean restaurant inside this plaza. The restaurant has an “A” rating and a lot of┬áKoreans actually eat here.

A freshly-made warm bin dae tthuk (korean pancakes) size of a dinner plate is served as an appetizer before the banchans (side dishes). Yummy!

Seafood Soon tofu (tofu soup) is good. It has a lot of tofu and seafood in it. FYI, medium spicy gives a little kick even to a Korean person, so the color can be a little deceiving.

Ma Dang Gol is famous for Gam Ja Tang (pork and potato stew). Soak the sesame leaves in the soup until the end. The meat falls off the bone and the broth is savory.

I am ecstatic to fine a gem in the Inland Empire. Try it our for yourself.


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