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Aegean Sea


Greece, a land with easy-going lifestyle, graffiti-walled paintings, chicken and pork gyros but no lamb and hummus, street dogs and cats, ABBA, trace of ancient ruins of the 4th century, the emerald-green Mediterranean Sea and the breathtaking views of dome-like architecture across the cliffs in Santorini quickly come to mind.   Downtown Athens is about […]

arctic circle

The Northern Lights

The northern polar lights are sometimes visible in the sky in the arctic islands of northern Canada. Fortunately, on our long evening flight to Edmonton, Canada, I was mesmerized at the view of pastel yellowish-white lights illuminating from the skies for the very first time. It looked like a huge fog, dancing of the ghostly […]

the beginning

The Sky

I see the clouds individually shaped like white cotton candies. I see the sky at sunset with yellow, orange, red, blue, purple hues like water-colorings on a canvas. I see the moon shining down upon the calm dark ocean like a beacon for the vessels. In awe of God’s beautiful artwork and creation and longing […]