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Slush slush slush in Utah

3 of my crew decided to rent a car and go on a hiking adventure near Brighton Ski Resort from our hotel in Salt Lake City. By the way, is it really mid May? Because there were tons of snow left still in the mountains and we were not prepared to hike on snow with […]

Cafe de Paris

Monte Carlo, Monaco

I loved the Swiss Alps and imagined myself living in one of the cute cottages in green pasture next to a stream.  And when I went to Ko Samet, an island in Thailand an hour and a half away from the mainland, I thought how lovely it would be to retire and live like a […]

Cinque Terre

Cinque Terre, Italy

On the Italian Coast, just east of La Spezia is Cinque Terre, five rugged fishing villages.   The devastating flood and mudslides this past October has destroyed many restaurants and houses especially in Monterosso and Vernazza, the first and second villages of the five.  Many businesses have slowly recovered and opened but when I visited […]


Part 1-The Pyramids, the Seven Wonders of the World

(November 2007) We finally made it on our second attempt to Egypt and this time, we didn’t get kicked off the plane.  Yeah, it’s a long, painful story I would rather not discuss.  To get there, we took Delta Airlines from Atlanta to Frankfurt then Lufthansa from Frankfurt to Cairo. As soon as we exited the […]

Bukchon Hanok Village

South Korea

Koreans have a lifestyle similar to the New Yorkers. The society is fast-paced, thus they got the phrase “Ppali ppali” meaning “hurry, hurry!” The people are anxious and hard-working. Within the last two decades, Korea has advanced tremendously to compete globally in technology and economy. The best time to visit Korea is in the Spring or […]

aquarium of the pacific

Aquarium of the Pacific

Out of the many aquariums that I have been to worldwide, I enjoyed Aquarium of the Pacific the most for its hands-on experience. Late night admissions are available for a discounted price of $12.95 after 5pm on certain weekdays. So explore the aquarium when it is not crowded with school children running around. Just outside […]


Kauai, HI

Kauai has warm climate but it is the wettest of the Hawaiian islands, with showers usually in the mornings and afternoons. Thus, it is always a dilemma whether to go on a vacation some place sunnier where I can get a tan or explore the unpredicatable lush rain forests and sceneries, its exotic plants, unique fruits […]

Blue Bay Resorts

Playa Del Carmen

Cancun and Playa Del Carmen was very lush and clean.  United and Delta flights arrived in Cancun from Los Angeles in the late afternoon. With a flight time of about 4 hours and 10 min. and a one hour time change to Mountain-time, half of our day had already flown by. Transportation in Cancun was […]


The Windy City

I wonder how a  flip-flop and t-shirt girl like me who have never owned a single pair of gloves, earmuffs or scarves survived four winters in brutal windy city of Chicago. I definitely do not miss scrubbing the snow off of my car windows and shoveling to get out of my parking space every morning […]



I love Boston! It is a “classy” city with intellectual people in trendy peacoats, leather briefcases, sophisticated eyeglasses and old historic brick buildings. Here i am with my feet on the ground in a quote and quote #1 school that everyone brags about, “Harvard.” People are obsessed about rubbing their hands all over the left […]