I love Boston! It is a “classy” city with intellectual people in trendy peacoats, leather briefcases, sophisticated eyeglasses and old historic brick buildings.

Here i am with my feet on the ground in a quote and quote #1 school that everyone brags about, “Harvard.”

People are obsessed about rubbing their hands all over the left shoe of John Harvard’s statue, so the color has been completely worn out and it is now gold.  A good luck charm?  Why not, I’ll rub it too.

Visit Harvard Square when you go to Boston. It’s fun to hang out in a college atmosphere with many shops, bars and restaurants. The “T” subway system connects from the airport and  is a convenient, hassle-free way to explore the city.


Go on a self-guided historical Freedom Trail that takes you to 16 different sites, dating back to about 2 centuries of America’s past. If you want some more enthusiasm, sign up for a pub crawl with Freedom Trail Foundation to stroll down the cobblestone streets with a nice cold beer in your hand. Finally, end your tour with a few tasty specially brewed ales at old taverns and pubs.


Faneuil Hall. Outside the marketplace, you will be entertained with performances from  jugglers, magicians, dancers and musicians. The Quincy Market Colonnade offers over 30 food stalls from salads and home-made soups, baked goods, exotic coffees, desserts and hearty Greek food, about 50 gifts, clothing and accessories stores as well as fancy steakhouses and Irish pubs.


Eight blocks of boutique shops with no tax on clothing and many choices of dining in Newbury Street will keep you happy. Kashmir Indian Restaurant, though pricey, had authentic, clean food that I can rave over and over about.

People in the east coast, especially in BOSTON are obsessed about Dunkin Donuts because you see them every 2-3 min. walking distance from each other, even underground in the subway station!  I haven’t tried their donuts but their toasted almond, caramel or coconut-flavored coffees are really good!


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